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From The Desk Of NIANELL Enterprises Pty Ltd
Johannesburg, GP
Diverse Creative Entrepreneur Nianell is a platinum-selling vocal alchemist, who dazzles with ease through four octaves. She includes many different styles of music in her song-writing, and accompanies herself on piano and acoustic guitar. Vocally Nianell creates sounds, frequencies and vibrations, where words are sometimes unnecessary, allowing every soul to interpret the message for themselves. A South African and International success story, with many of her songs play-listed on radio stations worldwide. Nianell is a gifted singer, a talented musician and songwriter, as well as a world-published Hay House author, an inspirational speaker and loving mother of triplet girls. 

Nianell has completed a 3 year diploma through the university of Tshwane in music, a PhD in Metaphysics, a Certificate of Science and Masters in @Thetahealing.  

"I am so deeply grateful for Nianell. Not only is she an old friend but she is also my therapist.
About 2 months ago I woke up in the early hours of the morning to find 7 black men in my bedroom. 

They tied me up naked with guns at my head and a knife at my throat. After gathering all of my valuables and most of my clothes, they forced me downstairs into my 17 year old daughter's room where they tied her up as well. 

We lay back to back in a corner, my kid sobbing softly as they ransacked our home before disappearing into the night.

I have never felt so powerless and humiliated. I let victimhood take over and I have struggled since with a deep anger. Most of all I was gutted that my precious little girl had to have this experience without me being able to prevent it.

I turned to Nianell. After only one session she gave me a perspective I would never have found on my own. I have been able to release my fear and my anger... most of all I have been able to forgive. 

Thank you Nianell. You are a gifted healer. Your intuition and guidance is always spot on. You inspire me. With my heart and soul I recommend you most highly.."

Clint Cunningham

"Hi, it was life changing. I am able to recognize and remove negative thoughts much easier. I am so much more positive as a whole. I am still struggling to meditate but there is definitely a huge improvement. 

I am more comfortable with myself, my destiny and my life purpose. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity.

The relationship with my wife did a complete 180 degree turn. We were able to communicate without fear of getting into fights or feel threatened. We are back to the honeymoon phase. 

My relationship with my boss also flipped completely with doors of communication opening up and once again there was no fear of the usual backlash and back stabbing. 

Today we have an exceptional working relationship and the department has never been stronger.".

Ricky Hinde

"My journey with Nianell started in 2017. I have attended 5 courses with Nianell which has had such a powerful impact in my life and in my career as a therapist in terms of how I connect with my true calling in life and how I connect with every client I see. 

Alongside these magnificent courses I have done many many healing sessions with Nianell to help me release past traumas, like the loss of my dad and align my subconscious and conscious mind to create balance within me. 

I am so grateful for Nianell. With the knowledge and awareness I have within me today I am able to make decisions with so much more clarity, I have such a beautiful relationship with my mom and have connected to parts of me like being a mother which I could never do in the past. 

It's been four years and I can truly say the journey has just begun. I recommend these courses and healing sessions to anyone who is ready to step into their power and realize their true potential, anyone who has experienced trauma and seeking healing on all levels and anyone who is ready for significant internal shifts into a happier more alive frequency. 

Nianell has such a gentle and loving energy, you can truly feel her unconditional love and joy as she steps in the room. Thank you Nianell".

Katiana Brancato

"About three years ago I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and generalised anxiety disorder. I was on different types of anti depressants and anti anxieties which helped for a period of time however were highly unpleasant to be on. 

My anxiety limited my day to day activities immensely to a point where it was a struggle for me to get into my car and drive to university in the mornings. 

A friend put me in touch with Nianell and I had my first session on March 25th, 2019. Since then, I have not experienced anxiety or depression, and my life has returned to normal and I have a new found appreciation for meditation and Theta Healing. This method has changed my life and I can confidently say that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Alessandra Thompson

"I have attended three training courses with Nianell and I know that there will be more. One of the best practitioners and teachers that I have met. 

What she teaches is practical, mind changing and life changing. You either want to change your life or you don't. And when you decided that it is time to get healed, then Nianell should be the person to go to.".

Mercia Kok

"I have been doing a few different courses with Nianell. I find her to be a wonderful teacher with a life changing impact. Her one-on-one healing sessions is truly unique with life changing effect. My life will never be the same again, it did change for the better. Thank you Nianell"

Riekie van Loggerenberg

"I have attended many of Nianell's courses, workshops and online sessions and the results are amazing, I have learnt to calm myself, relax and strengthen my ability to communicate, which is an important part of my business. I definitely recommend these workshops".

Ann Marot
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The Connect Course Client Testimonials

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